Fathers Day Prayers

For the son with an absent father,
For the father with an absent son
A grave, a road, a stone heart,
Or silence.
Show mercy today.

For the widows who water grave flowers,
Who look down the paths with dying hopes,
Whose sons like spectres, angels with noses, eyes and ears that call to memory tremors,
In empty houses where cool winds blow,
And the beds have unused spaces,
Lost for words and out of tears,

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Poetry 032: Happy Father’s day

Your absence –
felt more than empty clouds,
or late rains after hot days,
or delayed snow in the cold,
dark winter months,
or breath withheld
by clasping hands,
the dry well,
a moonless night,
shadowless willow,
no pulse on a flat line –
is killing me.

My heart –
like new shoots,
empty young beaks,
and soft small fingers –
reaches out,
immersed in the hope
that wherever you are
on this, our day,
you’re happy.

© Denis Adide 2012



and to all who received him, all who believed. He gave the right to be called the sons of God

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