Thirsty for Love

I empathise completely with anyone who is feeling marginalised and down today. The world has worked to set in concrete the expectation of sparks and pixie dust romances on valentines day, so much so that the validity of single life is maligned. The pain (not in all cases) of being alone facing the barrage of commercials from the Tele, to insensitive friends (unknowingly mostly) can be tough. I remember questioning why I was single one valentines day, debating within myself whether I should have been in a relationship already. However, a relationship for relationship’s sake would have been self seeking and probably would have caused me more pain in the long run. What was important for me at that time was that I continued in self discovery, leading me to a place where I could love (myself first and possibly only) healthily, from a near concrete place. So don’t be too swayed by the antics. Acknowledge what your heart says, sifting away from it the pressure to be other than what and where you are.

Be your Valentine!

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