To infinity and beyond!

So… After a couple of hectic months (over 20,000 words written), I’m finally done with university assignments. My thumbs are twiddling at the moment in anticipation of what’s to come. Somewhere deep inside there is an innate fear brewing: the covers that the educational institutions afforded me are slowly being pealed off and I’m aware of the unravelling nakedness. With Job searching as a backdrop, I’ve surveyed my arsenal and am slowly beginning to realize that within the hidden alcoves – slowly sculpted by the rigors of unpleasant essays – there lie means to my end, and that if I discipline my hands to do what my mind desires then – God willing – I’ll never have to retire.

This is the beginning, placing itself at the end of what was a lengthy and arduous journey. This is the spark from the collision between my mistakes and my destiny, that has set fire to my wings: the same that must now wither, giving me space to malt. This fear is mixed with a hope, for within it’s bounds are the possibilities through which I’ll flourish. The world need not make room, my space is preordained.

I am what I am

© Denis Adide 2011

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