Article 005: A short list of quotes.


“If I think selfishly my heart hurts, if I don’t my thoughts hurt. Benevolence: though not a cross is still quite tough to carry gladly.”



“Without God what’s left is the agony of an immortal sense in an evidently temporary world”

“I think i’m loosing faith in human beings: the things that make us beautiful mostly make us bad”



“Pride is a disease easily contracted, easily spread, but tough to conquer!”



” Grace: the pain of being freely forgiven while bearing grudges, Set free while condemning & loved while judging. Hypocrisy unpunished.”



“Everybody has skeletons hidden until God pulls an Ezekiel and they march out in public. Honesty is priceless.”



“The book of Job convinced me of my good fortune. Even at my darkest hours, life was comparatively great.”



“There is no room for shame if you’re wise about your foolishness!”



“Counted the rings on the tree stump I was sitting on – stopped at 170: ages to grow a second to cut! Tend the garden He said!”

“Conquest is the engine of life”



“The human problem: infinite consciences in finite flesh aching for immortal significance. Our works and words are our altars: so too history”



“If u think there’s nothing negative to say about u, that thought’s the thing!”

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