Poetry 06: Temps Perdu

Tempus Perdu

“I have to go, there is nothing for
me here but more of the same.
I can’t stay.”

“What am I supposed to do?
What would you have me say?”

(Twice he tried to reach for his shoes in vain,
Twice she feigned a sob, the tears a veil
She wore over her motives. A motif
Of quietened pains that now in chains held
His heart, and hands, and feet.)

“Nothing… everything … anything …
And nothing. Just let me go”


© Denis Adide 2010

In search of lost time

Relationships depend on intimacy, which can be easily marred if the seeds of distrust are allowed to germinate. Openness, in respect to sharing time and sentiments, is the only way to maintain intimacy. Forgiveness becomes harder the more one deviates from the discipline of commitment. The poem begins at a point of no return: when the poison of a lie has damaged the root of togetherness (gotta love the phrases).

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