Article 001: Viva la Resolution!!

Viva La Resolution

With new years around the corner, the journey of self evaluation begins. I found myself looking at the last year, asking where the potholes were. The list of resolutions slowly grew before slowly dwindling the more I considered the effects of the different choices on my lifestyle. There were however, a number of ways in which I thought it would be best to improve. I have to become a better:


There have been a few people who I have, over the last year, not been the best I could have been. If you are reading this and feel that you are one, then you probably are – text or call me and lets get back to where we both know we should be. Being too busy is not enough of a reason and if I’m to be honest, I haven’t with my actions reflected your value. So old friend, I’m sorry. The journey to friendship is one of forgiveness as well as repentance and openness, my commitment is to walk it with you if a friendship with me is still on the cards.

On that note, I have also learned something important about friendship. It is a journey that requires two hearts and two minds, disciplined in pursuing their desire to be around each other. This means that the burden of friendship should never rest on just one person. In becoming a better friend, I have to learn how to set my limits – define my terms – and not give beyond my means. I will not bear the burden – carrying someone who doesn’t share the desire or the discipline of friendship. So if you approach, prepare for the long-haul and do not be under any illusions: if push comes to shove, I will walk.


Talk = Time = Intimacy. I haven’t satisfied that with all my brothers and sisters (Blood and Spirit). Let’s do more of the talk, spend more of the time, and nurture that bond we already share.


This one I’m still trying to understand. Will keep it within till I do.


I’m approaching my seventh month of marriage. There is a discipline to love that nurtures the sentiment. To my darling Mrs A, I will try with all my strength to love you without limits: Heart and Hands. I am still learning how to be a good husband so this is a request for patience, forgiveness, encouragement, and love.


This is the definitive year: I see the end of Undergrad studies and the beginning of professional writing. It is a journey that requires a studious discipline. Will love to see how it pans out.


Maybe I haven’t read as much as I should, or Loved as best as I could.  There is a sense with which I have become content with where I am. I want to go back to talking to God out loud, holding life’s desires loosely in order to pursue his direction, and loving openly without shame.

The clocks will tick, time will pass, the year – with it’s resolutions will come and go. I will carry these desires on my sleeves, and; maybe at the end of next year, celebrate my successes rather than failures.

Viva la Resolution!





God wills it!

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