Conflicted Christmas

There is within me a collision that I’m still struggling to understand: find balance. Throughout my childhood, christmas was a time when the sun shone, something was roasted, and the neighbors came over to swap stories as they emptied beer bottles; there weren’t usually any presents owing to the bars on the windows and chimney that ensured Santa couldn’t climb through – not that he would bother braving the heat in his arctic attire. The sun was always high at noon, quick to rise and slow to set (I grew up in the equator).

I say a collision because the love for a scorching Christmas – barbecue and all sorts, and the love of Snow (yes I said it) flow from the same well. As I took my camera and went out on the snow trail, I found myself lamenting and celebrating at the same time. The snow pleased me while at the same time disrupted my joy. It took me to the place where my two personalities colide: the African vying for recognition and dominance, and the European who wants to acknowledge, but is afraid of, the African. Two souls in one body. They call it ‘Hybridity’. Maybe it is worth further thought.

For now though, here are a few more pictures from my snowy walk.


Merry Christmas

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