Happily Impaled to Love!

To set your eyes on beautiful things – to desire,
Is as to place your hand upon an open flame:
Drooping flesh, dry, unquenched on hoping fire,
In truth an unchecked nature’s hard to tame.
And tears will fall for pursuit of hearty folly
Lest solidly to devotion impulsion’s framed

Rings, like rolling rocks, do no moss gather,
But hoopless, yet bound, hearts do sometimes fail.
Merry the many men who from freedom canter
With thought and conscience less assailed,
For countenance raised and faces full of jolly
Is proof of a joy that is in love impaled.

Deceived do lay the primely disavowed,
By words unchecked, and verbs thoughtlessly sprayed;
Sorrow – the pain of harvests left unploughed
Like carcasses out in open fields unlaid –
Roots its image and words deep in the sully:
The gull of yester’s many things unsaid.

What blissful tranquillity it is to never require,
To rest ones tongue on one’s own heart with ease,
When vision’s agilities only do conspire
To praise the eyes with one’s own heart’s release
And the flame is doused whos tinder starch is folly
For all flesh and breath and bone are all appeased.

Such is the nature of love.

© Denis Adide 2010

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