Change: What’s your response?

Ever since I became a Christian, there has been this pressure from within the (Christian) bubble driving me towards change. I am in no way saying that change is a bad thing, just stating here that this pressure can breed the wrong sort of change: that is, change in appearance – as in a masking of the lack of change – rather than change from within. The more I grappled with the pressure, the more I realized that it came – not from above, but rather horizontally – from looking at my fellow ‘brothers and sisters’ and comparing my circumstances with theirs. I quickly forgot that my salvation was just what it was, my own, and I had to work it out with as much ‘fear and trembling’ as everyone else. (Philippians 2:12) In my hay day, and even now sometimes if I’m to be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a better Pharisee than me. The bible then – like my shirt and tie – had slowly become a means by which to separate myself from everyone else … Read more

© Denis Adide 2010

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